Thursday, February 5, 2009

You Have To Be Totally Committed

You will not get rich quick when you start your own home based business, there is no such thing. You will see all kinds of ads stating that you will, but trust me, you won't. You have to work your business and build it soon and how much is up to you. If you want to own your own business, it takes time to be successful. Yes, you can start on the road to success the minute you start your business, but how soon you make it to the end is all in how you work your business.
I firmly believe that the secret to your success is YOU! You have to make things happen, you have to be the leader, you have to avoid the pitfalls, you have to be totally 100% involved in your business. If you are representing a company and the company is making it and you're not, don't blame the company, your success is in your hands. The reason the company is making it is because of all the other reps that are making it and you can do it too.
Why do think there are so many people that can say "Look what I've accomplished?" It's because they put their heart and soul into making it happen. You have to have the desire and the determination to make it happen. Success will not happen have to put an effort into it. You have to network and get your name out there. Don't be afraid to approach people. Nine times out of ten they will need or want what you are offering. If someone rejects you the first time, that's o.k., more than likely they will come looking for you later wanting what you offered them. Don't get discouraged if you face "No's"...that's part of the game. If a person says no, ask them do they know anyone that might want what you're offering. Always try to build off of no's.
I feel that the most important part of making your business successful is NEVER giving up. If there is only one thing that you do every single day, let it be to work on building your confidence more and more. If you have confidence in yourself, others will have confidence in you.

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