Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today I got up, started the coffee, sit on the couch, logged on my laptop and started networking. That's the beauty of working from home...I can do it from my couch. I checked my emails, drank coffee and relaxed. The kids were at friends' houses and I took advantage of the time. I spent about an hour on the computer and then I helped my husband do some things outside. I am so ready for Spring. I can't wait to get outside and start planting flowers and working in my yard. I won't have to worry about finding the time anymore...I will be at home everyday to work outside...all day if I want to. I used to neglect my yard and flowers because I was always working, but not anymore! I will have the prettiest yard around...well I'll think so anyway. My days of neglecting what is important to me are over. I have taken control of my life and I will keep it. Everyone have a great night!

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