Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Does the internet really work?

Are you wondering if the internet really works? Well, I would say it does. How many people do you think use the internet daily? Hourly? I have no idea. I'm wondering myself. The key is to get on it. You have to invest time in it. It takes some serious networking to get your name out there. You can't just get online for an hour a day and say o.k., I'm done. You have to figure out a system. You have to keep up with all your social sites, forums, blogs, emails...it's never ending. If you join a group, stick with it. Check those emails ten times a day. Get on your forums and ask and answer questions. Let your presence be known. You can't just sign up on a site and never go back and update it and see who's browsing. You have to be a permanent fixture on the internet or it won't work for you. If you only have certain times that you can be online, stick to those times so that others will know when to expect you. If you work the internet, it will work for you.
Tomorrow...more on working the internet by socializing and making friends.

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