Friday, February 20, 2009

Putting my heart and soul into my business

I have always worked outside of my home as a waitress. I finally decided that I was ready to work for myself, not for someone else. If you put your heart and soul into what you want to do, you can make it happen. I missed out on a lot of my children's childhoods because I was working and someone else was taking care of them. I can't change that now, but I can make up for it by being there now. If you have dreams and you don't try to make them come true, why have them? You are the only person that can play out those dreams. You control your own destiny. I used to go to bed at night dreading to get up the next morning and going to work. I made decent money and played a big role in helping to support my family, but I also helped to support someone else. I asked myself "Why are you working so hard for someone else when you could be working this hard just for yourself?" It was then that I realized that I could do this. It takes commitment and determination, but I had that with my public job. I already know how to be commited and determined, the difference being, I will now be commited to myself and determined to make myself successful, not someone else. Your life is what you make it and if really want to succeed, put your all into it. I will be the first to admit that it is scary to venture out own your own. That is one thing that is so great about the companies that I am representatives for. You are never by yourself. You work for yourself, but not by yourself. There is so much support and terrific leadership. I for one will be there to help you along the way. I believe in helping people. You have to help others if you want to help yourself. I know that a lot of people think that they have secure jobs, but in this day and time, no "job" is secure. Places are downsizing everyday, and most have no consideration for the employees...the ones that have put their time and effort into making the "top dogs" be at the top. With your own business you can't get fired and you will not get laid off. It is your business to work it how you want, when you want. If you are happy in your "job", you can always run a work from home business part time...extra income, discounts on products, meeting new people, making friends, the list goes on and on. And just incase something does happen with your job, you are already established in your own business. You do not have to jump into it full force at first. Give it a try and see how it goes. You may find your calling and not even realize you were looking for it. It is just so nice to be able to get up in the mornings and know that I am not on a time schedule. I can sit down, have a cup of coffee, check my email and plan my day without having to worry about getting to work on time. I set my own hours and know that I can change them if I have to. That is the beauty of doing what I do...having control over my life. I control my work, my work doesn't control me. With all of this being said, please take the time to think about it and decide if you want to be your own boss or not. So many people have lost their job and now is the perfect time to take advantage of starting your own home business. You are in control of how many hours you work and how much money you make. No one else can decide those things for you. You will be the one making all the decisions. It's up to you.

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