Sunday, January 17, 2010

Leader or Follower?

Leader or Follower?
Are you a leader or a follower? A leader gets up and goes, a follower waits for someone else to get up and go. A leader says "let's go", a follower says "are you going?". A leader takes charge, a follower gets charged. A leader wins, a follower comes in second. A leader looks ahead and sees his own space, a follower looks ahead and sees someone else's space. A leader looks back and sees that he is on top, a follower looks back and sees that he is at the bottom. A leader gets things accomplished, a follower accomplishes things for others. A leader steps up to bat first, a follower may not even get to bat. A leader succeeds, a follower endures others successes. A leader reaches his own destination, a follower only goes as far as another's destination. A leader knows no boundaries, a follower is halted by boundaries.
Ask yourself if you are a leader or a follower and if you are happy with your answer or not.

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